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Ofsted and Performance Data

School performance


Catch22 include Norfolk is monitored by Ofsted. The school was last fully inspected in March 2019, then received a monitoring visit in October 2019, and received a ‘Requires improvement’ rating. The report states:



  • "The curriculum meets the needs and interests of the pupils. It enables them to move on to the next stage of their education"
  • ".....pupils make good progress over time. English is strong. Pupils are motivated in lessons to do well and work hard."
  • "Pupils' safety and welfare are of the highest priority. Staff know the pupils very well and provide valuable support."
  • "Transition is managed well. Most pupils transfer successfully to college or employment."
  • "Leaders have a clear insight into where teaching is working well and what needs to improve."

  • "Leaders have high expectations for good behaviour"

  • "Pupils who attend regularly learn to develop better attitudes over time."

  • "Leaders have identified a range of strategies to diminish the differences between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and that of other pupils nationally. Access to vocational placements and extra revision support for pupils in Year 11 are working well."

  • "Most staff say that the school is well led and managed. Staff are proud of their school and feel valued. Relationships in the school are positive and there is a sense of team spirit. This is helping to move the school forward."

  • "Most parents and carers are supportive of the work the school does. They say the school is well led and managed, that their children are happy and safe, well looked after, taught well and that the school responds well to any concerns they may have."

  • "The advocates, whose role is to champion the welfare needs of the pupils, provide sound advice and guidance to those in their care. A high proportion of pupils exhibit challenging behaviours and most have had significant disruption to their education over time. The advocateson each site were praised by the pupils for their leadership."

  • "The curriculum is broad and balanced and offers pupils a range of subjects to meet their needs. The curriculum covers the core subjects, and human and social, information and communication technology (ICT), physical education (PE) and cultural studies, as well as vocational options. Leaders have reviewed the schools curriculum and associated schemes of work to ensure continuity of planning. Catch 22 works closely with the school to provide beneficial staff training."

  • "School leaders have ensured that suitable fire risk assessments of the premises are undertaken. Appropriate follow-up checks are commissioned by school leaders."

  • "Pupils benefit from well-planned activities to support their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development which permeates the curriculum. They are supported to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on personal, local, national and global events."

  • "Leaders have robust processes in place to monitor the safety and achievement of any pupils attending other providers for some of their lessons."

  • "The local authority advisers regularly visit the school to provide valuable support and challenge."

Student results

Results for 2019/20 were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since they were based on teacher-based assessments they are not comparable with previous years. Accurate comparable results will be published as soon as they are available.

Information about school performance can be found on the Department of Education school and college performance website.


Parents and carers are encouraged to give feedback about the school to Ofsted directly, using the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire.